Note from Earthshiftx of youtube(My channel link here):

First off, our ability to make youtube video has been disabled at the moment , and this problem only happens when making videos about earth changes and planet x.

We have decided to use a free platform and we have a strategy to get everything back up and normal again , but this will take time.

On top of our ability to make anymore youtube videos, all four of our websites have been infected with trojan viruses, so if the end-user has antivirus installed our website will be blocked, and if they don’t have an antivirus they will get infected.

Let’s see the hackers try to infect with a trojan!

Keep in mind, there have been many other planet x researchers that have gone through great turmoil trying to speak about this subject. So why would we go through so much, if it is all just some wild, made up conspiracy?

New Madrid Activity Is On The Rise

Warnings have been issued in many hazard areas from the experts. but don’t take our word for it. Read more

What’s odd, is the original article is no longer available in the pdf format.

Today, the new madrid siesmic zone experienced what looks like 5 earthquakes from the RSOE website,

and a total of two earthquakes were reported in Grandin Missiouri according to the USGS website. As usual, the USGS downgraded the earthquakes, and their monitors are not recording as many earthquakes with a total of only two earthquakes recorded. 

new madrid, siesmic zone, latest,

That is a magnitude 3.2, 3.2, 3.2, 3.4, and 3.7 recorded, and we will go with the RSOE as USGS loves to downgrade and remove earthquakes.

Never, have we witnessed anything like this on the New Madrid Seismic zone area.

This troubling turn of events is causing us to send out a warning to our readers and followers, just to be at the ready if things start picking up further from here.

For those of you who have followed are website before, you know that this year, we experienced a magnitude 4.0 earthquake on the New madrid, which had not happened since 2011.

Prepare the best you can for potential earthquakes as things look like they could start escalating. Once again, we make no predictions on certain dates, just be ready friends.

On a final note, but not the last, we are no longer making YouTube videos at the moment. We have to spend money on new equipment, and better tools to protect our intellectual property online.

We ask for no donations, and as soon as we have the means we will begin the second phase of our planet x research. So far, we believe strongly that planet x is a reality, but once again not sure on any dates.